Agile Capabilities

Home Consultation

Agile Relocations consultant will be conducting the in-home or virtual consultation to determine what you are moving and guide you through the move process.

Home Search

Finding the right home is critical for making your relocation a success. We’ll impartially explain the options available to you with our home search service options.


When the crew arrives our team leader will confirm with you all the items to be removed before they begin to carefully pack your belongings.

Preview and Orientation Trips

A preview trip ahead of your relocation gives you a full orientation of your new location: areas to live, transportation, schooling, healthcare, and security. There’s a big difference between visiting a place and living there.

School Search

Changing schools can have a big impact on a child’s development. We provide local advice on schooling for every age, including daycare and pre-schools.

Virtual Consultations

Simple, virtual, and convenient survey to get you on the move.